SALT LAKE CITY – Interstate Distributor Co. (IDC), a full-service truckload carrier, is partnering with DriverTech, a provider of hardware and software solutions of onboard computers for the trucking industry as they implement DriverTech’s DT4000 new in-cab computer and tri-mode communication system into IDC’s fleet. “The in-vehicle computer system provides our drivers with PC capabilities including the ability to scan documents, e-mail, watch movies, search the Internet, complete online safety training, communicate with management in what are now considered “dead” zones, and utilize highly proficient street level mapping. Not only will it streamline communication, it will eliminate the driver's need to purchase additional equipment such as laptops,” said George Payne, executive vice president of IDC. “It is no longer cost effective or efficient for trucking companies to send 100 percent of their messages over satellite,” said Mark Haslam, DriverTech president and CEO. “The time has come to put purpose-built computers in trucks that allow connections to multiple wireless networks and services.”