WASHINGTON, D.C. --- The U.S. average retail price for regular gasoline climbed 2.1 cents to reach 235.7 cents per gallon Jan. 30, according to the Energy Department. That's 44.6 cents higher than last year. Prices varied across the country, with the East Coast and Gulf Coast seeing decreases under a penny to 239.4 cents per gallon and 227.6 cents per gallon, respectively. California prices gained 8.9 cents to 251.3 cents per gallon, the Energy Department's Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported. The West Coast overall added 7.0 cents to reach 245.6 cents per gallon, the highest regional price in the nation. The Midwest also saw a price increase, adding 3.2 cents to reach 231.4 cents per gallon. Retail diesel fuel prices increased by 1.7 cents to reach 248.9 cents per gallon as of Jan. 30 --- 49.7 cents higher than last year. Prices rose throughout the country, the EIA reported. The largest diesel price increase occurred in the Rocky Mountains, gaining 3.9 cents to reach 247.4 cents per gallon. West Coast prices rose 3.2 cents to 264.0 cents per gallon, still the highest regional prices in the country. East Coast prices increased 1.4 cents to hit 253.0 cents per gallon. New England prices, however, fell 0.7 cent to 266.1 cents per gallon.