TAMPA — Hybrid Fuel Systems, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of diesel and gasoline conversion systems, announced the addition of a new CNG dedicated, EPA Certification for 4.6L Ford engines installed in Crown Victoria, Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, Lincoln Town Car, and Mercury Grand Marquis vehicle platforms. The Fuel 2 Light technology consists of a conversion system that takes advantage of CNG fuel at a cost differential of $.70-$1 (per/gal. eqv.) less, compared to gasoline. The electronic Port Sequential Fuel Injected System mimics the OEM fuel strategy and provides feedback over 244 times per second. Simultaneously while one injector is firing, it is also calculating the fuel mixture and volume for the next injector. If necessary, electronic adjustments are made in the air/fuel ratio. Fuel 2 Light provides fuel to cylinders in the same firing order as GM, Ford, or any OEM. Additionally, this fuel injection system has been developed to maintain precise control of the alternative fuel of choice (LPG and/or CNG) for optimal performance and reliability.