TORONTO,, a Web-based fleet risk management company, designed a new driver risk profiling program to help decision makers identify the high-risk areas that individual drivers have. The driver risk profiling system integrates data from past collisions, state motor vehicle records (MVR), and previous training information to generate a rating report that a manager can quickly evaluate. Furthermore, the program has the ability to automatically assign a tailored training program to every employee from the 36 training modules has developed. This helps to ensure that the employee receives training modules that are targeted to the driver’s deficiencies, and a manager’s time can be better spent. Predetermined levels of risk can be established, and alerts can be sent to any number of managers, as the program assigns or suggests more specific training for their drivers’ areas of risk. The whole goal of this advanced mapping program is to assign targeted driver training based on the driver’s risk profile results. The program was developed in parallel to’s hazard perception evaluation program, as well as being fully integrated with its current online training modules to take advantage of information and results generated by driver performance. This allows administrators to be alerted to weak drivers who may not have any infractions on their MVR or a history of collisions, but who scored low on training evaluations, and help them with their trouble areas.