TORONTO, announced it has expanded its global product shelf to include 10 new European language versions of its Web-based driver safety training program. This is in response to the growing trend among multi-national clients to manage their entire fleet’s risk exposure on a global basis. In addition to the United States, Canada, and Mexico,’s fleet risk management solutions are now also available in France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Holland, Britain, Spain, Belgium, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Later this year, the company plans to introduce product aimed at serving the large South American market.’s purpose is to help organizations reduce their collisions per million miles driven resulting in a safer workforce - no matter where the drivers are located. For maximum effectiveness, the training programs are developed using local content from each specific country with the ability to track and report the activity on a global basis using one common platform. More and more firms with global operations have determined that they can manage the risk of their entire fleet from their headquarters location in the U.S. using the power and convenience of web-based software applications. Based on research conducted by AlertDriving, it’s the content that matters the most to safety conscious clients. That’s why the firm avoided the temptation to translate its North American training programs into various European languages and replace the program’s video component with computer animation.’s multimedia team spent months in Europe compiling hundreds of hours of local video footage with the assistance of local driver training professionals in each country.