TORONTO, announced that its new Hazard Perception Evaluation program was modeled after research that shows a person’s ability to identify potential road hazards strongly correlates to how safe the person drives. This Web-based application provides clients with an indication of their drivers’ propensity to become involved in a collision and commit moving violations while driving. Specifically, it measures the trainee’s ability to scan, anticipate and identify potentially dangerous, real-life traffic situations as they unfold on screen. The program is also sophisticated enough to assess the driver’s ability to prioritize multiple hazardous events that exist simultaneously. The interactive, Web-based simulation program evaluates drivers according to the leading crash causes faced by today’s fleets. It provides trainees with a driver's perspective of the road using specially filmed sequences of every day traffic situations. Upon completion, the program analyzes each person’s performance and assigns them a risk level based on their results. In addition, the system’s comprehensive administrative tracking and reporting component can automatically and seamlessly assign the driver with training that is specific to the areas where he or she is most at risk. The company is also nearing completion of a similar program for the commercial trucking industry.