AUBURN HILLS, MI — DaimlerChrysler announced on December 9 that in December 2004, the company has doubled the amount of fuel cell vehicles that it currently manages in the United States — more than any other manufacturer. Adding to what is already the largest fleet of fuel cell automobiles in the world; the recent U.S. arrivals consist of Mercedes F- Cell passenger cars and medium-duty Dodge Fuel Cell Sprinter Vans. The nineteen vehicles are currently being prepped for customers in California and Michigan. The delivery of fuel cell vehicles to the United States, Germany, Japan and Singapore customers is an important step in the largest practical fleet testing program for fuel cell vehicles worldwide. Partnerships are an important part of fuel cell technology development. DaimlerChrysler has the opportunity of sharing goals with other companies and government entities such as the EPA and UPS. DaimlerChrysler and BP, partners in the Department of Energy´s fuel cell vehicle and infrastructure validation program recently dedicated the first hydrogen station in the plan. These partnerships and the common goal will propel fuel cell transportation to maturity. In order to focus expertise and resources, and to press ahead with the development of the fuel cell, DaimlerChrysler has entered on a strategic alliance with Ford Motor Company and the fuel cell specialist Ballard Power Systems. Over the past ten years, DaimlerChrysler has developed numerous concept vehicles in order to prove out the opportunities presented by this technology.