SANTA ROSA, CA — ZAP is auctioning a new 60-MPG SMART Car on eBay. This will be the first federally compliant SMARTCAR available to U.S. consumers. ZAP is organizing U.S. marketing and distribution for the new two-passenger car that has created worldwide interest since its European release in 1998. With over 500,000 SMART cars sold outside the U.S. and gas prices at record highs in 2004, the economical, internal-combustion car is now generating consumer interest in the States. ZAP unveiled the SMART Car to U.S. consumers at the November San Francisco International Auto Show, announcing that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has issued a Letter of Conformity for the 60-MPG car. The regulatory approval clears the way for ZAP to begin U.S. sales for the car. News of the car coming to the U.S. has attracted many consumers who have been waiting to buy them. At the same time, dealers across the country are lining up for the chance to sell the cars. The SMART cars will be distributed in the U.S. through selected ZAP auto dealers, specializing in advanced technology vehicles, including more fuel-efficient automobiles powered by gasoline, electric, hydrogen fuel cell as well as other fuels. Reports indicate that SMART cars can achieve up to 60 miles per gallon, rivaling even hybrid gas-electric cars, making it one of the most fuel-efficient internal combustion automobiles in the world.