For The CEI Group, a service and solutions provider of vehicle accident, risk management and safety services programs to vehicle fleets and the property and casualty insurance industry, having access to information on vehicle claims, workflow processes and associated tasks and costs is a key to company operational effectiveness and customer results. That is why The CEI Group said on September 28 it has turned to Business Objects, a provider of business intelligence solutions. Using BusinessObjects 6.5, CEI managers can track, understand, and manage the effectiveness of the vehicle and driver management services the company provides to its more than 500 clients in North America and Europe. Organizations with massive numbers of work vehicles are typically self-insured and self-managed. They must control and manage vehicle accidents, as well as institute risk management and safety programs to focus on reducing expenses and injuries. Managers of fleet, risk, insurance and safety have to review, analyze and monitor policy and processes that track vehicle claims experience. These organizations' safety policies may include education and training for their fleet drivers. This doesn't eliminate the administration and services required when accidents happen. CEI acts as a comprehensive risk management partner and delivers the same services as an insurance company — from initial claims processing to risk management and managing vehicle repair in the event of an accident. The cornerstone of CEI's data infrastructure is based on its own workflow application called IntelliClaim, along with their client facing web portal called ClaimsLink. Customer care agents in CEI's call center use IntelliClaim to track claims, manage service to drivers in North America and Europe, assign supply chain providers, and control numerous services and tasks. CEI's clients access ClaimsLink for a "high-tech" review and approval process. A data warehouse tracks the data generated through IntelliClaim, which then is accessible over the web. CEI account managers then rely on Business Objects to track and report on well over 100 metrics daily.