Manheim Europe has brought together many of its services under one brand in order to offer fleets a complete package of logistics, administration and remarketing, according to an article in Fleet News, a UK-based fleet management publication. Called Manheim 360, the brand brings together in one package vehicle data specialist Kah Systems, used-vehicle retail remarketing support firm Portfolio Europe, direct sales firm VRS, Dent Wizard, Flying Colours and Manheim's auction business. The firm recognizes that some potential customers have had trouble understanding how the various companies within the group operate and complement each other, and it believes Manheim 360 will help clarify its operations, said Fleet News. Rob Barr, group marketing and planning director, Fleet News: “360 is end-to-end remarketing and is a flow of logical products and services. They are like all the pieces of a jigsaw. Manheim 360 is quite unique in that we are able to provide both our vendors and suppliers with much more than just a traditional sell and buy service.” All of the services in Manheim 360 are provided on a modular basis, so customers can select which parts they need and tailor it accordingly. For example, a fleet that has to dispose of a lot of the same type of vehicle may want to use direct selling through VRS rather than put them all through auction at once. It does not have to then sign up to all of Manheim's other remarketing channels. The firm has also launched Manheim Intelligence, a monthly report detailing how the market is performing, sale prices right down to individual vehicles and analysis of trends in the market. Information is available online through a subscription, with cost depending on the amount of detail needed.