Carl Nelson, motor vehicle administrator for AT&T Corp., will retire from the company on July 30, 2004. Nelson has worked for AT&T for 38 ½ years. He has been involved with AT&T fleet operations for the past 13 years. His first four years in fleet were working on a part-time basis. But for the past nine years he has handled fleet as his full-time responsibility (six years with the largest business unit and the last three for the entire corporation). At its peak size, Nelson managed more than 5,000 units for AT&T in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. For the last three years, Nelson managed by entire fleet by himself without additional staff assistance. During his fleet tenure at AT&T, Nelson earned a certified automotive fleet manager (CAFM) designation from the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) and was the winner of two Larry Goill Awards presented by NAFA for fleet management innovation.

As for his plans following retirement, Nelson said: “I would like a month to clear pasture, paint fences, and do a myriad of other jobs on my ranch that I couldn’t accomplish during the 50- to 60-hour weeks I was putting into work. I have not had an uninterrupted week off for almost 10 years.” Nelson said he would like to work in fleet again following retirement from AT&T. “I love the industry. I would like to work again as a fleet manager or assistant for another company or perhaps as an industry consultant,” added Nelson.