A statewide indoor smoking ban covering work places (including goverment vehicles), bars and restaurants went into effect July 5 throughout Massachusetts, and public health officials said they plan to aggressively pursue violators, according to a report by the Associated Press. Private sector vehicles are not covered under the smoking ban. Massachusetts joins five other states — New York, Connecticut, Maine, Delaware, and California — with statewide bans. The ban, enacted by the Legislature earlier this year and signed on June 18 by Gov. Mitt Romney, prohibits smoking in all workplaces (including public sector fleet vehicles), restaurants, and bars in the state. (See June 2004 AF Market Trends, page 10.) Private clubs and cigar bars are exempt. Smokers face a $100 fine for each violation, and business owners who allow smoking in their establishment face fines of up to $300. Ian Lang, chief of staff of the state Department of Public Health, said he expected 95 percent voluntary compliance by Labor Day.