SOUTHFIRLD, MI -- Registrations for hybrid vehicles increased 25.8 percent in 2003 over 2002, with 43,435 hybrid vehicles registered in the U.S. last year, according to R.L. Polk & Co. in a report published in the NAFA Fleet Focus e-mail news-letter. Since the introduction of hybrid vehicles in 2000, sales of those vehicles have increased more than 570 percent with a compound annual growth rate of 88.6 percent. The Honda Civic hybrid accounted for 50 percent of all registrations with a total of 21,750. The Toyota Prius had 20,387 registrations, amounting to 47 percent of the market share. The Honda Insight, with a total registrations too the remaining 3 percent. California is the state with the most hybrid registrations with 11,425, while Virginia, with 3,376, has the second most hybrid registrations. Florida came in third with 1,996.