Ryder System, Inc., a leader in transportation and supply chain management solutions, announced that it has launched its RyderSafetyServices.com Web site. This one-stop Web-based transportation industry resource provides fleet owners and other interested parties access to safety-related products, compliance services, training, and information from well-known and respected names in the Safety and Regulatory Compliance industry. The site offers safety products and services including: DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing and Compliance Services, Training Resources, Vehicle and Personal Safety Equipment, Security Products, and Regulatory Compliance Materials. Viewers can browse various product and service categories and find a product description, supplier, cost, and package quantity to assist in the ordering process. The site also provides customers access to Ryder's national listing of safety training schedules, including contact information. RyderSafetyServices.com also offers visitors full e-commerce capabilities, including the ability to purchase products and services online. In addition, the site features pertinent regulatory updates in its "What's New" Section. In the checkout process, users will view availability and shipping methods on ordered products and receive accurate information on expected arrival and shipping times. For more information or to visit the new site, use the www.Ryder.com link or the distinct www.RyderSafetyServices.com Web address. Users can also access products and services or place orders by calling to 1-800-SAFETY1.