SGS Automotive Services, a vehicle inspection company, is offering comprehensive vehicle inspection services on eBay, providing professional inspections completed at homes or offices and alleviating buyers fears of misrepresentation. SGS vehicle inspection reports can now be ordered directly from the eBay Motors Web site by clicking on the vehicle inspection icon. After placing a vehicle inspection order, an SGS customer service representative calls or e-mails the vehicle owner to schedule the inspection at a convenient time and place. The Internet has transformed the $376 billion used-car market. Studies by CNW Marketing Research show nearly 30 percent of the 42.6 million used cars sold in 2002 were facilitated by use of the Internet in some fashion, such as eBay. And last year, 47 percent of used-vehicle buyers turned to the Internet during the shopping process, according to J.D. Power. The SGS inspection report helps eliminate worries about misrepresentation, assuring online shoppers that the car they purchase will be exactly what they expected. SGS's inspectors check for 150 items, giving consumers the same services that are available to financial institutions and major car companies. The SGS inspection for most vehicles is $99.50, which includes a review of the vehicle interior and exterior, underbody and under hood, along with a test drive at no additional cost. For high-end luxury, classic, and exotic vehicles, inspection price is $139. After the inspection is completed, the inspection report, along with digital photographs, are posted online for access by the buyer or seller, depending on who ordered the report. SGS employs more than 1,400 employees nationwide who complete more than 15 million inspections each year, including new cars in transit, vehicles at the end of leases, rental cars exiting fleets and at auction yards. SGS's clients include major car manufacturing companies, financial institutions and rental car companies.