Serco Group Inc. (Serco), one of the world's leading outsourcing companies, announced on Jan. 20 that it has been awarded the vehicle fleet maintenance contract for the United States Department of Agriculture's Forest Service fleet in California's 18 National Forests. Serco manages fleet contracts across the United States and around the world for fire departments, law enforcement and various other important governmental agencies. Serco also provides emergency fleet maintenance service to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio and has handled diverse fleets that include everything from emergency response vehicles to tractors. The Forest Service's current fleet maintenance operation employs 80 individuals, all of whom Serco plans to interview for outsourced positions. The company will seek to retain all employees with relevant qualifications for the contract, and is considering an increase in the number of staff to 100 or more. Serco has contracts in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and West Hollywood, and manages Contract Weather Operations in Oakland and 21 air traffic control towers across the state of California for the Federal Aviation Administration's Contract Tower Program. Serco's principal customer base is the public sector, which represents 90% of its business.