According to the Associated Press, the familiar black and white speed limit signs in some rural parts of Burlington County, New Jersey, aren't getting drivers to slow down. They're also not getting any laughs. Officials believe new signs going up on a few roads should do both. The new signs include messages like “Free Speeding Tickets Ahead” and “Meet Our Judge — Exceed 25 mph.” Vincent Farias, a Burlington County freeholder, saw similar signs in Long Beach Township and thought they might work in Burlington County too. “The signs are designed to attract attention by employing humor to make people more aware of speed limits,'' Farias said. The signs are destined for places where speeding is a persistent problem. The brightly colored signs are scheduled to go up next week along county roads in Shamong and Medford Lakes. Farias said that if they reduce speeding, they might be put up elsewhere in the county.