Enhancements have been made to GMFleet.com for quicker access to information. The content within the site has been updated for easier reading and there are also new information added to the site.

The GMFleet.com Enhancements are as follows: New Left Navigation: Tools and information can be accessed directly by rolling a mouse over the left navigation and clicking on the feature title. Also, the main categories have been updated for effective organization of information within the site:

1. Products.
2. Ordering & Acquiring.
3. Service & Maintenance.
4. Contacts & Communications.

Business Choice: GM Business Choice combines the former Chevrolet Commercial Customer’s Choice and GMC Fit For Profit programs.
Vehicle Technology: A new Vehicle Technology section has been added with information about OnStar, XM Radio, StabiliTrak, GM Oil Life System, and Mobility Sit-N-Lift Seat.
Vehicle Showroom: An updated list of relevant links (Additional Resources) has been added to the model page of Vehicle Showroom. Users can now access Dealer Locator, Competitive Comparison, Crash Test Results, Estimated Fuel Cost, etc. within the same area and with one click. http://www.gmfleet.com/us/products/vehicle_showroom/vehicles/04ChevroletImpala.html
Help: There is an updated Help page with easy access to information, such as Tool Guide, Site Map, Fleet Tools ID & Password, FAQ, Glossary, and Contact Us.
"Do you Need" Icon: An icon has been added to every page (with the exception of the home page) to allow GMFleet.com users to quickly access the Help, Quick Answers, and What's New page. This icon is located under the left navigation.
Dealer Inventory: There is now a link to GM BuyPower's Web site to access Dealer Inventory.

Other recent GMFleet.com Enhancements include:

  • The Advanced Technology/Fuel Cell link has been added to the Specialized Vehicles section.
  • 2004-MY Vehicle Summary Pages (Single Sheeters) has been added to Vehicle Showroom.
  • Duramax and Alt Fuel Dealers can be located using the Dealer Type menu in Dealer Locator.
  • SVM Upfitter Locator: A listing of the Special Vehicle Manufacturer (SVM) is available by state.

    If you are not seeing these updates, then clear your cache by:

  • Clicking on Tools at the top of your web browser.
  • Clicking Internet Options and going to the General tab.
  • Clicking Delete Files under the Temporary Internet Files section, then clicking OK twice.
  • completion, click the Refresh button on your web browser.