Manheim Auctions announced several management changes at Nashville Auto Auction. Sam Chaple, auction manager, has taken over responsibility for all auction operations. Kelly Conger, who served as acting general manager for the past seven months, will concentrate on his role as vice president of operations in the Midwest. Kevin Cook, formerly auction controller, has been promoted to assistant general manager, finance and administration. In addition, Jacquie Franklin has been named controller, and Janet Hendrixson has been promoted to general sales manager. Franklin previously was controller at Tennessee Auto Auction in Murfreesboro before it closed, while Hendrixson served as national accounts manager. Auctioneer Competition Crowns "World Champions"
Auctioneers and ringmen from across the U.S. and Canada gathered recently at Nashville Auto Auction to compete in the 2003 World Auctioneer Championships, a two-day, live sale. Judges scored auctioneers on their clarity and cadence, block presence, product selling points, and bidder interaction. Ringmen were judged on ring presence, bidder interaction, and product selling points. Judges also scored auction teams on clarity and cadence, ring/block presence, bidder interaction, and teamwork. Winners were: Auctioneers:
  • John Nicholls of Fredricksburg, VA (First place)
  • Cheri Boots-Sutton of Louisiana, MO (Second place)
  • Phil Faulkner of Uxbridge, Ontario (Third place) Ringmen:
  • Steve Shelton of Barrie, Ontario (Canada) (First place)
  • Clint Minchew of Fairfield, TX (Second place)
  • Dustin Taylor of Albertville, AL (Third place) Teams:
  • Phil Faulkner/ Steve Shelton (First place)
  • Steve Holt of Peyton, Colo./Derek Reeves of Boone, CO (Second place)
  • Phillip McCristall of Oshawa, Ontario (Canada)/Phil Faulkner (Third place) The 15th annual event raised more than $28,000 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.