Switzerland Fleet Sales Continue Slide in February

Graphic courtesy of Dataforce.

Fleet sales in Switzerland were down by 14.1% in February, as registrations in the overall market posted another month of declines, according to Dataforce.

Despite the decline, Volkswgen was the No. 1 selling automaker for fleets in the country in February, according to Dataforce. This was followed by Skoda and then BMW in third.  Meanwhile, only four of the top 15 importer brands were able to register more company cars in February than in the same period last year: Renault (up 47.4%), Toyota (up 27.5%), Audi (up 18.9%) and Volvo (up 3.5%).

The passenger vehicle market also saw a slide by 15.2%, when compared to the same month last year. Also, combined registrations for dealer/importers were down by as much as 17.5%. The detailed analysis shows that registrations of Importers, declined in particular (down 39.1%). By comparison, registrations of dealers (down 10.9%) fell rather moderate.

An analysis of fuel trends in Swiss company fleets showed a further decline in the number of cars powered purely by diesel (down 9.4%) and purely by petrol (down 9.4%). Meanwhile, hybrid vehicles were very popular, especially plug-in hybrids (up 156.1%). The Volvo XC60, the DS 7 Crossback, and the Porsche Cayenne were the top three most sought-after plug-in hybrid models among Swiss fleet managers, according to Dataforce. On the other hand, registrations for electric vehicles were unable to capture a similar level for the same month of last year, falling by 21.4%.