Mercedes-Benz Trucks has replaced its traditional rearview mirrors with the MirrorCam camera system. 

The camera system provides better visibility for a driver. With the system, a driver doesn’t need to look as far to the right or to the left to see traffic to the rear; rearview mirrors cover larger areas to the right and left of a truck’s A-pillar causing more obstructed views. 

When maneuvering in tight bends or turns, the MirrorCam can swivel the image of the mounted camera toward the inside of the bend so the driver always has the end of the trailer in view. With regular mirrors, the driver can lose sight of the end of a trailer when turning corners.

MirrorCam’s improved aerodynamics can reduce fuel consumption. The camera system’s optimized wind resistance can result in up to 1.5 percent less fuel used.

Dirt and rain can cause issues for regular rearview and side windows. MirrorCam isn’t as affected by dirt and rain due to its high position on the vehicle, the small roof placed above the camera lens, and the digital transmission of the image that’s displayed in the truck’s cab. Additionally, the camera will automatically heat when exposed to temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius.

To help see images at night, the camera system features a high light transmission; the display shows an image that’s brighter than natural light. And the system’s brightness will adjust to any current light conditions. If needed, the brightness of the right-hand and the left-hand display can be adjusted differently.