Symbolic Systems Inc. is offering four new Administrative Support Services packages to GM and GMAC Remarketing Inventory Management System (RIMS) inspection remarketing companies, the company reports. The customizable services are provided in four support offerings: 1) RIMS Administrative Support for training on the RIMS inspection process, the RIMS inventory process, RIMS inspection requirements, and RIMS file status monitoring; 2) GM and GMAC Compliance Support to monitor the total inspection process to confirm performance compliance; 3) RIMS IT Support including software testing, acceptance testing, software consulting and design, and user manual preparation; and 4) RIMS Data Quality Support to provide data file content validation on both the originating and GM response files. The new services are designed to help inspection remarketing companies improve performance, reduce the risk associated with providing inspections services, minimize penalties, increase internal staff experience in the remarketing process, and provide add-on services and IT offerings to increase marketplace visibility.