Amazon Launched Last-Mile Delivery Robots in Southern California

Photo via Amazon. 

Amazon has announced that they have officially rolled out their last-mile delivery robot, Scout, in Southern California. The autonomous robot is designed to deliver product from urban distribution centers to Amazon Prime customers.

The Amazon Scout was first tested in Washington state and is developed and manufactured in Seattle. Amazon stated that piloting Scout in the Pacific Northwest exposed it to harsh and wet weather. The delivery robot was also tasked with navigating residential neighborhoods.

Amazon said that the roll out will start with a small number of Scout devices in the Irvine area, delivery Monday through Friday, during daylight hours. Customers will still have the same delivery options and should order as they normally would, Amazon noted.

The devices will autonomously follow their delivery route, and initially, be accompanied by an Amazon Scout Ambassador. Amazon said that the “cooler-sized devices” have been well received while in the field test mode and they hope to eventually expand this new delivery system.