Emkay is offering a new feature in its Drive 360 mobile app that combats distracted driving among fleet drivers, the fleet management company announced.

The SafeRoads program tracks and prevents distracted driving by eliminating cell-phone use while driving. It will also monitor and track the driver for other risky behaviors such as hard acceleration, speeding, and harsh braking.

SafeRoads keeps a running score for each driver based on these behaviors, and displays a Score to both the Driver and the Fleet Manager on EMKAY's Mobile App. Drivers receive an overall score of 0 to 100, and an A through F ranking for each of the following categories: Phone Use, Braking, Speeding and Acceleration.

The program can detect when a driver is involved in an accident and will automatically display call-links to the driver to dial either 9-1-1 emergency help, or simply roadside towing services. There is also an available feature that will instantly notify the fleet manager of a potential accident occurrence via an email notification, and/or through the Fleet 360 mobile app. 

In the near future, Emkay will offer a way to add gamification to the SafeRoads system. The scoring system presents the opportunity for company-based competitions in which drivers can be rewarded for being top performers by being the most improved over a given time period, best score for the month or quarter, or an annual top performer list.