The Floow Limited, a telematics provider with officers in Detroit and the United Kingdom, has launched a telematics platform for commercial fleets that uses a driver's cellphone to allow insurance companies, fleet operators, and manufacturers to collect data about driver behavior.

FloowDrive gives insurers the ability to "make more informed underwriting decisions based on specific, rather than general, demographic data," according to the company. The system would collect data about individual driver behavior to "more accurately predict potential risk."

The system could also be offered to individual consumers to help them lower their insurance premiums based on safe driving.

FloowDrive will initially be offered as an app that will use the driver's smartphone as a sensor. It will be offered in a device-agnostic version.

The app will monitor driver behavior and provide a safety score to each driver based on smooth driving, distraction, speed, fatigue, and time of day. It would also provide in-app coaching.

The company will show FloowDrive at Telematics Insurance North America in Chicago from April 25 to 26 and at DigIn — The Digital Future of Insurance 2018 in Austin, Texas from May 14 to 16.