Weather Guard announced the availability of the 2015 Ford Transit Weather Guard Van Pro Packages, designed for contractors and remodelers who need to organize, secure, and transport their tools and equipment in their work vans. The newly designed product releases are easy to assemble, install and customize for roof height and wheelbase length combinations of the new 2015 Ford Transit Vans and affordably priced for those who want to invest in the quality and performance of Weather Guard. The comprehensive Pro Packages provide a complete interior solution with bulkheads and more shelving storage and organization options.

The newly configured Weather Guard Van Solutions for 2015 Ford Transits include improved bulkheads, adjustable shelving, secured storage, cabinets, drawer units, accessories and roof racks. These preconfigured packages are designed for a broad range of industry trades, including electrical, mechanical and plumbing. The packages can also be customized by style, vehicle type, brand, model and wheel base. There are a total of 30 Pro Package combinations for the Ford Transit and more than 70 pre-configured packages are available for all vehicle makes and models.

Customizable Solutions for the 2015 Van Packages

The new, affordably priced 2015 Ford Transit van packages feature the latest product innovations and designs, including:

  • Bulkhead Door Design: Allows for easy installation. In an accident, the bulkhead protects the cab and driver from loose objects. Polycarbonate windows provide unmatched visibility and improved sound and passenger comfort.
  • Multiple Roof Heights and Wheelbases: Three roof heights are available including low, medium and high. In addition, solutions are engineered for the Ford Transit in two wheelbases and extended body lengths.
  • Adjustable Shelving: The new 13” deep adjustable shelving saves interior space and is available in multiple heights with tapered end panels. The adjustable shelving works with all Weather Guard cabinets and accessories.
  • Mounting Kits: A variety of Roof Rack options are available to suit every vehicle, trade or business need.

To learn more about the new 2015 Ford Transit Pro Packages or to use the Weather Guard online Van Configurator to design a custom van upfit, go to