In the process of routine vehicle replacement, most fleet managers learn early the truth of the old adage that when you put a new vehicle in service, you create a product that must be dealt with later. The product is a pre-owned vehicle, and it has to be remarketed. The vehicle  provider must work to obtain the best return for that vehicle, whether remarketed internally to company employees or externally through auction.


Inspection is the Answer

Since most people will not purchase a remarketed vehicle solely on the word of the driver, lessor, or owner, a detailed professional vehicle inspection must be performed to assure prospective buyers that inspected vehicles are in good condition. The inspection report provides detailed information that promotes an informed decision. Don Fowler, executive director, business development, DataScan Field Services (DFS), a vehicle inspection company, explained that DFS does not generally deal with fleet managers directly, but instead establishes relationships with companies that provide fleet management services. “We work either through a leasing company, like ARI, or indirectly through remarketing providers such as Flexco Fleet Services, who work directly with the fleet managers,” said Fowler.

Fowler explained further. “If a chart was drawn, the corporate fleet administrator would work with a leasing company, whose inspection services are furnished by DFS, or go through a leasing company that has hired a third-party provider to manage the employee sale program. The third-party provider then contracts with DFS to provide inspection services.”

When asked about DFS services , Fowler described the standardized, detailed reports that result from the inspections. In addition, he noted that the process is designed to make the appointment setting process as painless as possible for the driver or the vehicle’s custodian.


Report Contains Digital Images

At a convenient time and place for the customer, a DFS field specialist goes to the vehicle custodian’s house or place of business to complete the vehicle inspection, said Fowler. “Our inspection results include a detailed inspection report, as well as a digital Internet image package that contains over 22 images, plus detailed pictures of all damage.”

The inspection report, available via the Internet within 24-48 hours following the vehicle inspection, provides an additional selling platform and online feedback to fleet administrators regarding their vehicles, said Fowler.

A majority of DFS field specialists are either ASE- or ICAR-certified, according to Fowler. To ensure quality standards are met, DFS encourages continued education and training, providing field specialists with extensive training, including an online training program.

The on-site DFS inspector creates a detailed report with digital images available within 24-48 hours, providing fleet managers an additional selling platform and online feedback.