1 How long have you been in the telematics business?

2 How many full-time employees do you have?

3 What is your customer retention rate?

4 Will your solution integrate with my other back-office and fleet management systems?

5 Are your devices 3G capable?

6 Do you have an in-house development team?

7 Does your solution provide an array of configurable alerts?

8 Does your solution have a mobile app accessible from smartphones and tablets?

9 What training and support services do you offer and how are they delivered?

10 Do you have experience in my market sector and with fleets my size?

11 What kind of warranty do you offer?

12 Does your solution have full-featured 3D mapping?

13 Are you financially stable, with high growth and high profitability?

14 Can you handle diverse fleets with diverse assets?

15 Will your solution provide free, unlimited historical data on my fleet?

16 What is your process for deploying a solution smoothly and successfully?

17 What are your purchasing options and terms?

18 How often is your solution updated and upgraded, and is there a cost associated with this?

19 Can your solution be utilized by any number of users with different user permissions?

20 What makes your solution and approach unique?