Fleet managers from around the world will have the opportunity to broaden their horizons at the inaugural 2013 Global Fleet Management Conference.

Developed as part of a new strategic partnership agreement between Bobit Business Media, publisher of Automotive Fleet, and Nexus Communication, publisher of Fleet Europe, the all-new annual Global Fleet Management Conference is designed to create an environment for multinational fleet managers and global fleet suppliers to network, exchange best practices, and expand their skill sets for today’s era of global fleet operations.

Attendees will be exposed to cutting-edge management ideas from global fleet managers and thought leaders, and have the chance to forge new or tighter bonds with their fellow international fleet manager counterparts.

The Global Fleet Management Conference will debut Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2013, in Phoenix, where it will be co-located with Bobit Business Media’s annual Green Fleet Conference. In 2014, the Global Fleet Management Conference will be held in Europe.

Since sustainability has become a mission-critical concern for many multinational corporations, co-locating the Global Fleet Management Conference with the Green Fleet Conference was a natural fit, according to Mike Antich, editor and associate publisher of Automotive Fleet, chair of the Green Fleet Conference, and co-chair of the Global Fleet Management Conference with Ed Bobit, CEO of Bobit Business Media.

“Co-locating the inaugural Global Fleet Management Conference with Bobit’s Green Fleet Conference, now in its sixth year, is particularly advantageous for fleet managers, since sustainability is such an important part of today’s fleet mission for multinational fleets,” Antich said.

The Global Fleet Management Conference serves the Fleet Europe and Automotive Fleet partnership’s goal to better inform, train, educate, and facilitate networking among global fleet managers worldwide.

Among Fleet Europe and Automotive Fleet’s first steps in their partnership has been to expand their web presence to reach a global audience. Fleet Europe has launched its global fleet platform www.globalfleet.com, and Automotive Fleet has launched its global fleet management website at www.automotive-fleet.com/channel/global-fleet.aspx. In addition, the companies will collaborate on an electronic and print Global Fleet Management Directory and Fact Book, which will be published later this year.

“The trend towards globalization in fleet management has really taken off and more and more fleet executives are in the process of analyzing the possibilities to optimize fleet management globally,” said Caroline Thonnon, partner Nexus Communication, business development and global fleet leader. “Our mission is to help them find useful information and expertise. Sharing knowledge is crucial. The slogan, ‘Think globally, act locally,’ is more pertinent than ever. We believe this unique partnership with Automotive Fleet will give true added value for the international community, since we share the same values and objectives.”

Bobit and Nexus partnership will allow the companies to exchange knowledge and information in order to better serve international fleet executives in procurement; fleet management; finance; sustainability; environment, health & safety (EHS); and HR.

“The collaboration between our two media houses, each a leader on their respective markets for many years, is a significant step for the entire sector. This will allow us together to add even more value to the information and education linked to the process of fleet management globalization,” said Thierry Degives, managing partner Nexus Communication.