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GPS Insight

GPS North America




SageQuest, a branded offering of Fleetmatics




WEX Telematics



Website: www.geotab.com/

Geotab offers a telematics measurement platform that includes Geotab's in-vehicle device that combines GPS, G-Force readings, engine/vehicle OBD information, and driver feedback. Geotab customers value receiving information that can be acted upon to manage fuel efficiency, driver safety, maximizing the productivity of vehicles and employees in the field. 

When asked what benefits of the program fleet managers may not be aware of, Colin Sutherland, VP of sales for Ontario, Canada-headquarted company noted that "all dashboards and reports — more than 30 — are Microsoft Excel templates that customers can easily change to their own needs and then save as new templates in the Web-hosted platform — saving hours each week as you receive your own personal report emailed to you or available on demand."

What's new and improved? "Geotab has advanced the art of recording information with simple plug-and-play installation that requires no advanced setup," according to Sutherland.


GPS Insight
Website: www.gpsinsight.com/

GPS Insight, headquarted in Scottsdale, Ariz., offers the GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution. "Its simplicity allows our customers to focus completely on tracking and managing their fleet, and not on managing the software." according to Ryan Driscoll, marketing manager for GPS Insight. "Its functionality sets it ahead of the rest with simple administration for large fleets, fast and in-depth reporting, customizable options, and seamless integration."

When asked what benefits of the program fleet managers may not be aware of, Driscoll noted the "extremely simplified alert/reporting admin for large fleets. What takes hours/days to set up and maintain in competitive products, takes merely minutes in the GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution."  For more information, click here

What's new and improved? GPS Insight is now offering an Hours of Service solution for compliance, safety, and accountability.



GPS North America
Website: www.gpsnorthamerica.com/ 

GPS North America offers SignalTrack, a full-featured Web-based portal for tracking vehicles, trailers, construction equipment, or any company asset. "In addition to basic tracking we offer temperature reporting for refrigerated trailers, hours of service and electronic driver logs, job dispatch and navigation, and two-way messaging," according to Todd Lewis, president of Langhorne, Pa.-headquarted company.

"We have a wide range of reports, e-mail, and text alerts for managing by exceptions if an asset moves when it's not supposed to, enters or leaves a designated geographical area, or is speeding," Lewis continued.

When asked what benefits of the program fleet managers may not be aware of, Lewis made note of "the amount of stolen vehicles and trailers we have recovered for our clients."

What's new and improved? "Route optimization for planning stops in the correct order, a driver dashboard to compare metrics amongst drivers, JBus connectivity for mpg and diagnostics on large trucks, electronic DVIR Drivers Vehicle Inspection report, and distracted driving solutions for mobile phones," he said.



Website: https://greenroad.com/

GreenRoad is a fleet performance and safety management service, headquartered in Redwood Shores, Calif. "Through a combination of real-time, in-vehicle feedback, and a best-in-class management suite that provides insight, guidance and motivation, GreenRoad helps drivers improve their own driving performance, and helps managers maximize fleet performance," according to Karen White, senior vice president of customer solutions for GreenRoad. "Companies using GreenRoad save a tremendous amount of money because better drivers use less fuel, crash less frequently, and cause less vehicle wear and tear."

In addition to real-time feedback about driving safety, GreenRoad tracks vehicle idling and provides real-time fleet location. GreenRoad Advanced Tracking also offers a suite of tools, including landmarks, advanced mapping, and route replay, that help managers optimize fleet productivity and monitor compliance with fleet policies, according to White.

When asked what benefits of the program fleet managers may not be aware of, White said that GreenRoad has revolutionized telematics by shifting the focus from the vehicle to the driver. "We’ve maintained that focus even as we’ve expanded and enhanced our manager experience," she said. "GreenRoad is truly designed to be driver-centric, helping drivers self-improve and create an overall culture devoted to safety and quality of fleet service."

What's new and improved? The most significant new product, according to the company, is the new GreenRoad Smartphone Edition. "It is the world’s first smartphone-based driver performance solution for fleets," White said. "GreenRoad Smartphone Edition uses smartphone native functionality, including GPS and built-in accelerometers, to eliminate the need for a professionally-installed telematics device in the vehicle."

The system is ]currently available for Android-based smartphones with the iOS Apple version expected later in 2013. "Like the in-vehicle edition, the GreenRoad Smartphone Edition combines real-time, in-vehicle feedback with our best-in-class dashboards and reports for a complete solution," White concluded. 

GreenRoad Smartphone Edition also includes a distracted driving prevention feature that can be configured to automatically disable physical use of the smartphone while the vehicle is moving.


inthinc Technology Solutions, Inc.

inthinc offers waySmart, a comprehensive fleet management solution designed to improve driver behavior and fleet efficiency. "We offer unique real-time in-vehicle verbal coaching to shape safer driving behaviors," said Todd Follmer, CEO of Salt Lake City, Utah-headquartered inthinc. "This includes seat-belt use, speeding, and aggressive driving. Driver performance is monitored and communicated wirelessly to an online fleet management portal where managers have direct insight into the performance of their fleet."

When asked what one benefit fleet managers may not know about their program, Follmer noted that "Many fleet managers do not realize the effectiveness of real-time verbal coaching. Having a device in the vehicle to warn drivers when they are speeding or driving recklessly leads to immediate improvement. This has been proven by the success of our customers. Also, our waySmart solution is a hub for all fleet safety, efficiency and productivity operations in an organization — we integrate with disparate systems — such as routing, payroll, etc. — to provide one source of ‘truth’."

What's new and improved? "We have recently released a new feature that tracks vehicle idling and sends automated verbal alerts to drivers when they have been idling beyond a preset time limit," Follmer said. "This reminder to drivers has not only helped reduce carbon emissions but also limit the amount gas that is wasted and significantly reduce operational costs."



The Networkfleet 5000 Series fleet tracking and engine monitoring system offers 24/7 visibility into fleet assets with access to real-time vehicle data such as mileage, speed, fuel consumption, and diagnostic trouble codes to improve operations and significantly reduce costs. According to Chris Ransom, director of sales engineering for Networkfleet, "The system also offers expanded integration capabilities, enabling fleet managers to automate tasks and reduce workload."

The Networkfleet online user interface provides an at-a-glance dashboard view of the most important vehicle information as well as instant access to sophisticated reports, including idle time, fleet utilization, fuel reports, fuel card usage, and more.

The Networkfleet 5000 Series includes:

  • Vehicle Diagnostics: Patented remote diagnostics capabilities on the 5500 model enable monitoring of diagnostic trouble codes, ignition status, speed, odometer, fuel efficiency and more.
  • Garmin and Laptop Integration: The serial port allows for integration with compatible Garmin devices and also integrates with laptops and other devices by providing a constant NMEA data feed. Fleet managers can assign jobs, dispatch drivers to specific destinations, provide turn-by-turn directions and communicate with drivers in real time, all via the driver’s in-cab Garmin device.
  • Sensor Detection: The 5000 series Includes sensor ports for monitoring various voltage events occurring within the vehicle, such as Power Take Off (PTO) engagement/disengagement, secondary engine on/off, and door open/close.
  • Data Integration: Networkfleet GPS and diagnostics data can be integrated into fleet and asset management applications, routing/dispatching applications, and GIS systems to improve efficiencies.
  • Free Roadside Assistance: The 5000 series also includes Networkfleet's industry-exclusive Roadside Assistance package at no additional cost.

When asked what one benefit fleet managers may not know about their program, Ransom said that "People know Networkfleet does 'diagnostics,' but they may not be aware of everything that encompasses."

In addition, San Diego, Calif.-headquarted Networkfleet designs hardware and firmware from the ground up, with its own staff. The hardware is 'fleet grade,' according to Ransom, and built for a high stress environment. "The data we gather from the vehicle is crucial, including odometer, engine hours, trouble codes and real speed. And, we tie that up with great information on the software side, and free roadside assistance in the field," Ransom explained. "Networkfleet’s 'diagnostic' legacy and experience is woven throughout our solution."

What's new and improved? "In addition to constantly evolving hardware, Networkfleet has and will continue to make exciting software enhancements in the coming months," Ransom announced. "Networkfleet has begun to roll out a new Driver Behavior Suite, and we have used our deep knowledge of fleet maintenance to build a capability that is revolutionizing how fleets manage asset maintenance."

Ransom continued, "Networkfleet’s recently added Driver Management capability offers a flexible, intuitive way for fleets to access information about their workforce," he said. "With Driver Management functionality, fleet managers can add drivers and assign them to one or more vehicles, which provides driver visibility in maps, reports, and historical logs. It also builds the foundation for Networkfleet’s full Driver Behavior Suite, to be released in later this year."


SageQuest, a Branded Offering of the Fleetmatics Group
Website: https://sage-quest.com/ 

SageQuest, headquarted in Cleveland, provides a vast feature-set with their Mobile Control product offering. Utilizing Mobile Control, customers are able to quickly obtain fleet data in such areas as miles travelled, idle times, journey history, and timesheet history for a full year. Users are able to see vehicle location and status in real-time, allowing them to make informed decisions that will directly impact their customer’s experience with them.

When asked what one benefit fleet managers may not know about their program, Vanek commented, "Probably the biggest benefit that people don’t think of when it comes to fleet tracking and telematics solutions is that it’s not just about ‘know where your guys are.’ It’s about how you can redefine your operations and run your business better by really knowing the whole truth about what’s going on in a service territory," she said. "It’s about efficiency and productivity and serving customers faster.  Once our clients start using the system for a month or so, that’s when it all unfolds for them and they start seeing transformative results."

What's new and improved? One of the new and improved features people should know about the SageQuest solution, according to the company, is the GeoFence Activity Report. GeoFences let managers mark special places on the map that they want to monitor — customer sites, warehouses, depots, offices, job sites, employee homes, you name it. "

The great thing about the GeoFence Activity Report is that it lets you proactively monitor how often these places are being visited," according to Angela Vanek, project lead for Strategic Accounts at SageQuest. "It’s a fast and easy way to see how much time is being spent where. One way our customers love to use this report is to monitor how long drivers are at job sites or deliveries, which helps them manage productivity."


Website: www.spireon.com/

FleetLocate’s telematics solution is a turnkey solution that includes the hardware, software, service, and installation – all for one low monthly fee.

"It provides small- and medium-sized businesses with fleets an affordable, easy-to-use real-time GPS fleet and asset tracking solution that gives them the power to detect and eliminate waste and inefficiencies in their daily operations," according to Corinna Tutor, vice president of Integrated Marketing for the Knoxville, Tenn.-headquartered company.

Program features include:

  • Enterprise Class Device for High Reliability.
  • Self-contained GPS antenna options for easy and covert installation.
  • CDMA and the advantages for the national largest digital network.
  • Multiple inputs and outputs to connect to a PTO or any other electronic accessories.
  • Supports starter/disable and remote door unlock.
  • Optional Garmin integration for dispatch turn by turn navigation and two-way messaging.
  • Easy to use Web-based software.
  • Exception-based reporting and real time alerts to ensure fleet managers get the information they need when they need it.

When asked what one benefit fleet managers may not know about their program, Tutor shared two: "It's self-contained - pay a little up front, pay a low monthly fee, and you'll get a complete solution and it's very easy to implement and use on an ongoing basis."

What's new and improved? 

  • Spireon tracks all of mobile assets (vehicles, trailers, or equipment).
  • New reports – maintenance and work day summary.
  • Latest in 3G CDMA hardware – most complete nationwide coverage, according to the company.
  • Launched a new, simple to use and intuitive user interface.



Sprint has been in the M2M/telematics space for well over a decade, offering a wide range of connected solutions across all industries including transportation, automotive, insurance, retail, utility and healthcare, etc. "A leader in the M2M space, Sprint is recognized for developing, engineering, and deploying innovative capabilities," according to Marlene Waltz, director of solution sales at the Overland Park, Kan.-headquartered company. "Sprint supports fully customized M2M solutions with network-agnostic technologies (including CDMA, 3G, 4G, Tier 1 IP, and Sprint-branded global connectivity to 180 countries); specialized engineering teams; an open, collaborative approach; and an expansive M2M partner ecosystem."

Sprint Connected Fleet offers a portfolio of telematics solutions for fleet management, trailer/asset monitoring, and tracking. "Sprint representatives have the expertise and commitment to work closely with customers to identify and define their business needs and then  identify and deploy the best solution(s) that meet those needs," Waltz continued. "Sprint offers dedicated account teams to continue supporting our customers ongoing efforts."

When asked what one benefit fleet managers may not know about their program, Waltz noted that Sprint offers a team with extensive telematics solution and engineering expertise that can work with solutions providers and customers to tailor a solution to meet the needs.

What's new and improved? "We are continuously working within the ecosystem to innovate and develop new capabilities," Waltz said. "Most recently, we added plug-and-play simplicity to our portfolio of solutions.  Plug-and-play devices allow customers to easily install fleet management solutions in just seconds per car, without the need to take their vehicles out of service for professional installation."

In addition, Waltz noted that several Sprint customers are looking for ways to more fully integrate telematics into the full operations cycle and actively have solutions and engineering expertise that we can develop custom solutions to meet those needs. "For example, a solution may  improve the full logistics cycle with features that can monitor the tanks and then dispatch the nearest trucks to fill the tanks when needed," she explained.

Finally, Sprint now has more specific use applications, "such as a bus that can offer WiFi to its riders as well as tell them when the bus will arrive. Or a snow plow that can measure where the plow has been, how much salt was disbursed, what the weather conditions have been since the salt was put down, and then calculate when its time to send the plow back to that route," Waltz concluded.



Telogis is a provider of Location-Based-Services to enterprises across the globe. According to the company, Telogis’ scalable, Software as a Service (“SaaS”) platform helps enterprises, business owners, and fleet managers optimize business operations and manage their global workforce effectively through GPS location technology.

Telogis solutions enable companies to maximize the efficiency of their mobile assets through industry-leading tracking and scheduling applications, allowing both mobile and office-based staff to streamline operations, maximize productivity and minimize fuel and staffing costs.

Telogis offers several solutions:

  • Telogis Fleet: Provides real-time location and status for all assets on one dashboard, with full fleet metrics and reports to match.
  • Telogis Progression: A complete SaaS work order management solution that includes job creation, routing, fleet management and monitoring, and real-time communication.
  • Telogis Mobile: Enables companies to stay connected to their workers through two-way messaging, forms, work orders, and navigation.
  • Telogis Route: Allows fleets to reduce miles and travel times with optimized planned routes and instant reroutes, as well as actual vs planned reporting.
  • Telogis Integration: Adds full API capabilities with seamless integration and accelerated ROI with Telogis’ professional services, training and ongoing support.
  • Telogis GeoBase: Allows organizations to build powerful and differentiated mobile and Web-based location based services.

What's new and improved? 

With industry mandates to reduce fuel costs and simultaneously increase productivity and driver safety, Telogis releases Fleet 10, the industry standard for reliable and scalable fleet management, and an integral part of Telogis’ comprehensive cloud-based location intelligence platform for companies that require dynamic routing, real-time work order management, navigation, telematics and mobile integration services for their mobile workforces.

“With the release of Fleet 10, Telogis continues to redefine the industry standard by taking feedback from our customers and delivering the kinds of features and functionality they require to be competitive,” said Mark Wallin, vice president of product management, Telogis. 

Based on customer feedback, driver safety is one of the highest priorities for field operations, according to the company. Among the new safety features in Fleet 10 is the Telogis Driver Scorecard option, which provides comprehensive metrics to help companies identify trends in driver behavior over time to positively impact safety. "The upgrade to Fleet 10 generates new, easier-to-read reports on activities and behaviors that are critical to driver safety including hard braking, hard acceleration, excessive speeding, speeding vs. posted speed limit, seatbelt use and after-hours vehicle use, and gives drivers improved in-cab alerts in real-time to help encourage safe driving habits," Wallin said. 


WEX Telematics

WEX Telematics is a suite of Telematics solutions carefully assembled to meet the needs of the WEX fleet customer base, according to the company.

"Our best-in-class technologies leverage GPS for tracking and are driven by innovative hardware, software, and reporting capabilities," according to Ryan Foisy, program manager for the South Portland, Maine-headquarted WEX Telematics. "We take pride in our ability to be that trusted advisor helping our customers choosing a program that best meets their needs. We offer an implementation manager to assure a quick, seamless enablement process tailored to the fleet's business case. All of this is anchored by a fully staffed knowledgably support team, made up of the same team members that our fleet card customers enjoy today."

When asked what one benefit fleet managers may not know about their program, Foisy noted that, "Because we are a suite of best-in-class solutions, it allows us to truly partner with you to learn your business and determine the solution that best fits your particular industry and business case. We can help you maximize your investment. This really puts us at an advantage vs. our competition," he said."

What's new and improved? "We have a suite of fuel/GPS integrated reports, anchored by our Fuel Guard and State Mileage Reports," Foisy explained. "The Fuel Guard Report compares station location and vehicle location at the time of the card swipe and helps to identify trends of misuse. Our State Mileage (with fuel data) details all miles driven and gals purchased per state per vehicle to support IFTA compliance/filing. We are currently working on some even more exciting functionality for 2013 and beyond."

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