Chrysler is in the midst of launching 16 new or majorly refreshed vehicles, with a target goal of 2.8 million total retail and fleet sales by 2014.

"We are building to demand," said Pete Grady, Chrysler vice president of network development and fleet, at this year's fleet preview in Austin, Texas. He noted that Chrysler is working closely with suppliers to minimize the impact of the Japan earthquake/tsunami on its production schedule.

"We have a fantastic vehicle lineup and plan to showcase it at events around the country," said Robert Schmitt, senior manager of fleet operations. "This fleet preview is just one of many venues that will allow customers to experience our product. Additional ride and drive opportunities will be available throughout the year."

Among the vehicles on display at the preview were the Fiat 500, Dodge Charger Police Pursuit Vehicle, Dodge Durango, and the new Ram/CV cargo van.

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