Mileage and Maintenance

Car Care ($4.99) is a customizable gas mileage and car maintenance tracking app for use with all vehicles. The app calculates fuel economy using miles, kilometers, liters, or gallons, and also measures how different fuel types are performing on a fuel economy basis. In addition, it also keeps track of oil changes, tire rotations, car waxes, and other types of service and provides custom service reminders.

Car Minder Plus ($3.99) helps manage vehicle maintenance needs, keeps a repair log, and tracks fuel economy for multiple vehicles. With this app, fleets can keep track of multiple vehicles, services (e.g., oil changes, tire rotations), and repairs. Car Minder's Gas Log tracks gas consumption by displaying a driver's average and most recent mileage, and comparing the last fill-up to the driver's average. A vehicle's service and repair history can also be e-mailed through the application.

Gas Cubby ($6.99) helps drivers track gas mileage and vehicle maintenance. Drivers can keep tabs on mpg, gas prices, and expenses. The app also tracks service expenses and provides customizable service reminders. The app stores vehicle data (e.g., VIN, license plate, etc.) and supports multiple vehicles.

Trip Cubby ($6.99) is manufactured by the developer of Gas Cubby but is designed for drivers who need to track mileage for tax deduction or reimbursement purposes. The app provides the ability to log expenses for multiple vehicles and drivers, supports both miles and kilometers, and has customizable reimbursement rates. If data entry is interrupted by a phone call, data will be stored and retrieved on the next launch of the app.

After an auto accident, log the details, photos, and other information using the iWrecked app (free). The app provides fields for recording the location, date, names, and insurance information of the other driver. It can also help locate a nearby taxi and/or towing company for assistance. Use the app to generate a detailed PDF accident report with images, which can be sent directly to an insurance company.

RepairPal (free) provides repair estimates, a directory of local repair shops based on city or ZIP code, and user reviews of those shops. The app also helps locate the nearest tow trucks to receive roadside assistance. Service and repair information for all of vehicles can be stored on a custom My Car page. The app currently covers most U.S. models 1990 and newer.

Green & Fuel Management

greenMeter ($5.99) measures a vehicle's engine power and fuel economy, and evaluates driving to increase efficiency, decrease fuel consumption and cost, and lower the environmental impact. Results are displayed in real time.

AccuFuel ($0.99) provides the ability for a driver to see how his or her driving habits affect fuel efficiency. Gas mileage can be viewed according to the vehicle driven, and multiple vehicles can be tracked. The app can also be customized to use the full odometer readout or the trip odometer.

iGasUp ($2.99) displays the 10 lowest gas or diesel prices or the 10 closest stations to a driver's current location. If a driver plans to fill up later, he or she can enter the destination's ZIP code and the app will provide the 10 cheapest fueling options in that area. The app also provides gasoline brands, directions, and the distance to each station using Google Maps.

Oil prices are provided by the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS), which also provides price data for AAA and Garmin.


AAA Roadside (free) allows drivers to contact AAA for roadside assistance. Through the app, drivers submit member information, location of the vehicle, and type of vehicle and problem, and AAA will send a trained technician to respond. The app confirms a driver's request and provides information on nearby locations of AAA-     approved auto repair shops, AAA branch offices, and discount providers. Users can also view their AAA card with this app.

Vehicle History Reports

Carfax makes instant access to Carfax Vehicle History Reports available for subscribing dealers. Several wireless dealer management solution providers have partnered with Carfax to integrate Carfax Reports in their programs. Using easily downloadable applications or dedicated handheld devices, dealers can get immediate access to their Carfax account. Solution providers who have integrated with Carfax include: Autoniq (, AutoRevo (, CarTextInfo (, VIN Hunter Pro (, Laser Appraiser (, Liquid Motors (, and vAuto (