Reading is Essential

Not long ago, a fleet manager noticed a number of vehicles in her fleet reporting "abnormal" miles per gallon. 

As a result, she requested some of these drivers track their miles driven and gallons purchased.

To her great surprise, she received a response from one driver that his Impala was getting 654 mpg. "If this were true, my entire fleet would become Impala miracle cars," she said.

When contacting the driver to confirm his vehicle was truly getting 654 mpg, the driver replied, "I thought you wanted to know how many miles I drove."

'Isn't it Ironic'

During the time one fleet manager was handling a fleet of Pizza Hut vehicles, he received notification of an accident.

The Pizza Hut vehicle's location? A Papa John's parking lot.

A New Version of 'Windows'

A vendor was making sales calls about motor pool software. When asked how he keeps track of the vehicles in his motor pool, one fleet manager replied, "Windows."

Confused, since Windows is a computer operating system, not a type of tracking software, the vendor asked for clarification.

"I look out the windows and see what we have available."

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