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Driver Assessment
Develop a driver assessment program with involvement from all stakeholders and responsible parties. When implemented, apply consistently and without exception.

Mandatory driver training and license checks led to dramatically lower insurance costs for the University of Minnesota fleet operations, reducing the annual liability premium by $240,000.

"City Water Light & Power has purchased several pairs of Dump-Lok dump-bed safety devices for use during the repair and maintenance of dump trucks and rear-tilt equipment. Each and every shop that works with dump trucks should have at least one pair of these devices."
—Michael Krall, assistant superintendent of vehicle maintenance, City Water Light & Power, Springfield, Ill.

"Highlands Ranch Metro District currently runs a safety committee panel that reviews safety practices and is also working on building an incident/accident review panel."
 —Shawn Khankan, fleet services supervisor, Highlands Ranch Metro District, Colo.

"Stage monthly safety meetings with training. Establish a joint labor-management safety committee. Install a fall-protection system. Conduct wall-to-wall facility audits.
—Millie Souders, division chief – division of fleet management, Rockville, Md.

"Telematics, vehicle backing sonars, and Moto Mirrors help reduce accidents."
—Art Hale, fleet manager, Colorado State Government

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