Transmission and auto service chain AAMCO, working with Flex Fuel U.S., an ethanol conversion system manufacturer, now offers EPA-certified E-85 Flex-Box Smart conversion kits at its centers nationwide.

The conversion kit availability is primarily focused on fleet vehicles such as the Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis, and Lincoln Town Car models. These vehicles are widely-used for municipal fleets, police departments, and livery.

Providing Ethanol for Fleets

With the Flex-Box Smart conversion kit, vehicles can be powered on E-85, E-20, E-10, or pure gasoline. The kits can be installed at select AAMCO dealers locations, allowing fleet operators to take advantage of the benefits of using ethanol and ethanol-gas blends, such as:

  • An approximate 15-percent per-gallon fuel cost savings over gasoline.
  • Additional fleet incentives, such as rebates, fuel discounts, and access to HOV lanes.
  • Up to 85-percent reduction in fossil greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Independence from foreign oil and support of the domestic farming industry.
  • Increased vehicle horsepower, acceleration, and performance.

“We are excited to team up with Flex Fuel U.S. on this first-in-category initiative by offering the E-85 Flex-Box Smart Kits. This new service will continue to move the AAMCO brand forward and clearly demonstrates our strategy to offer complete car care services and to be a leader in offering environmentally friendly automotive programs,” said Todd Leff, president and CEO of AAMCO.

Green Service Centers Set Up

To arrange conversion kit installation, AAMCO has introduced Eco-Green Auto Service Certification centers. These centers offer Eco-Green tune-ups, which utilize a lifetime air filter and extended-life oil filter to reduce waste sent to landfills, process synthetic oil to avoid the use of limited natural resources, and other services.

In addition to Eco-Green Auto Service, participating AAMCO Centers use waste oil heaters that burn waste transmission fluid cleanly.