The Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. (Roche) hybrid-car fleet program now accounts for 15 percent of its pharmaceutical sales fleet — 242 vehicles — and is expected to grow with each semi-annual buying cycle. According to company officials, this current hybrid total, comprising Toyota Prius and Ford Escape gas-electric models, will result in more than 1,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions reductions and gasoline savings of more than 80,253 gallons each year.

Headquartered in Nutley, N.J., Hoffman-La Roche is the U.S. pharmaceuticals headquarters of the Roche Group, a leading international research-oriented healthcare group with core businesses in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics.

Program Cuts Emissions & Costs
The company supports the development of more fuel efficient vehicles and recent efforts in Congress to improve vehicle fuel economy standards. With the expanded hybrid program, the Roche fleet is using less gasoline, reducing emissions, and cutting fleet costs, according to Jack Kace, vice president, corporate environmental & safety affairs.

“Roche is a leader among pharmaceutical companies striving to make a difference, and this hybrid car program is a prime example of how all companies can make a contribution,” said Terry F. Yosie, president and CEO, World Environment Center, an independent, not-forprofit, non-advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C.

Roche began its hybrid-car program in July 2004 by replacing 20 conventional gasoline-powered vehicles with Prius and Escape models. The vehicles’ improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and positive user performance reviews prompted the company to expand the program. Roche also plans to increase the selection of fuel-efficient vehicles throughout its fleet.

Company Focus on Sustainability
Throughout its history, Roche has been active in instituting environmentally-friendly programs, focusing on energy efficiency and waste reduction programs. In addition, the company sponsors sustainability and energy awareness days to encourage all employees to be environmentally responsible.

The Roche Companies in the U.S. have joined forces with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Climate Leaders Program. This group is a voluntary industry-government partnership that encourages companies to develop long-term comprehensive climate-change strategies and set greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction goals. For more information, access: