With more than 230,000 North American subscribers to its location services, AirIQ enters the commercial fleet market segment leveraging its investment and experience with a Web- based fleet management interface, digital communications platform, called AirIQ OnLine and AirIQ Onboard device.

AirIQ’s field service solution provides a tool fleet managers may use to increase business operating efficiencies at a fraction of the cost. According to company clients, implementing the AirIQ solution produced a high-value return on their investment in the areas of
  1. Increased fleet productivity.
  2. Increased customer service.
  3. Decreased operations costs.

“We utilize the AirIQ system to monitor vehicle movements.” said Cecil Neal, VP of operations of LeBeouf Bros. Towing LLC., of Houma, La.

“It helps us manage our fleet and personnel and quickly identifies any operational delays. Other benefits include promoting the safety of our employees with an immoderate speed alert, reducing excessive mileage — which saves considerably in time and fuel — validating employee timesheets, and improving productivity. The AirIQ solution enables us to increase our service levels while reducing operating costs,” said Neal.

The AirIQ Field Service solution offers activity reporting, enabling field service fleet operators to maximize business efficiencies and improve customer satisfaction. The AirIQ Field Service Solution features include:

  1. Delivery departure time.
  2. Delivery arrive time.
  3. Destination tracking.
  4. Immoderate speed tracking.
  5. Automated odometer alert.
  6. Automated maintenance reminder.
  7. Automated inventory alert.
  8. Boundary crossing.
  9. Stationary status.
  10. Vehicle locating.
  11. Remote vehicle disabling/enabling.
  12. Fleet & asset activity reports.
  13. Work day & after hours summary reports.
  14. Client-driven landmark activity reports.