AF's 2004 Fleet Manager Award Field Narrows to 4 Finalists Created in 1985, the Fleet Manager of the Year Award recognizes and honors an experienced and proficient fleet manager who has demonstrated special business acumen in developing and executing key management policies. Eligible nominees must be full-time fleet managers, control a company-owned or leased fleet of more than 100 trucks and cars combined, and be recognized nationally among their peers for their unique abilities and accomplishments. A 26-member judging panel, representing all areas of fleet, determines the winner.

Brenda Davis
  Title: Fleet Manager
Company: Baker Hughes, Inc.
Total Vehicles: 5,000
Staff Supervised: 3
Years in Fleet: 13
In 2003, Davis integrated 11 separate division fleets, and their various policies and procedures, into one central fleet group with one standard process. She and her team implemented a best practices-standard strategic sourcing methodology to measure and monitor benefits and fleet program compliance. An effective communicator, she developed a bimonthly newsletter and an Intranet site for fleet users. Under her direction, Baker Hughes U.S. now supports the company’s Canadian divisions’ fleet. Davis serves on industry focus groups, the Ford fleet advisory board, and NAFA groups.


Scott Mayo
  Title: Fleet Director
Company: Wendy’s International, Inc.
Total Vehicles: 1,100
Staff Supervised: 4
Years in Fleet: 19
Mayo manages every aspect of the company’s unbundled fleet operations. He also handles negotiations with ordering dealers and manufacturers and has helped structure and implement all services for Wendy’s drivers, including maintenance and fuel programs. He also helped design and execute Wendy’s fleet Web site on the company’s Intranet. An active member of both NAFA and AFLA, Mayo is past treasurer of the Tri-state chapter of NAFA and past member of the Wright Express lead user group. He is currently the facilitator for the General Motors Sounding Board and a member of the OnStar Fleet Advisory Board.


Jim McCarthy
  Title: Director, Vehicle Management Services
Company: Siemens Shared Services
Total Vehicles: 10,000
Staff Supervised: 9
Years in Fleet: 10
Head of Siemens Shared Services office, McCarthy and his staff are responsible for 16 distinctly different fleets, each with individual requirements and scope. He must consider not only what is best for each fleet, but also for Siemens as a whole. With a strategic approach to fleet, he has leveraged in-house expertise and created one effective and efficient team from two. In addition, McCarthy faces the internal challenges of cost-savings pressures, lease versus reimbursement justifications, and new initiatives. He continually resells and proves the value of vehicle management services to each group.


Henry Paetzel
  Title: Manager, Auto Fleet Services
Company: General Mills, Inc.
Total Vehicles: 1,600
Staff Supervised: 13
Years in Fleet: 30+
Paetzel runs an organized fleet with great attention to detail. He constantly strives to understand and improve processes within the fleet and his fleet leasing company. His success over more than 30 years in the industry can be attributed to his thorough approach. Solid decisions are made quickly based on Paetzel’s clear understanding of his organization’s needs and those of his drivers.