International telematics provider Scope Technologies and local partner Troncalnet have signed four new deals with Mexican companies such as CARSSA Courier Company, Grupo Autofin de Monterrey, FAMSA, and Altos Hornos de Mexico (AHMSA). These deals will provide customers with tailored end to end fleet management solutions while also enabling stolen vehicle recovery services managed by Troncalnet’s Centro Nacional de Respuesta, which operates 24/7.

The three- and four-year agreements with these customers will cover logistics and fleet management services to support business operations and closely monitor vehicle tracking. With limited mandatory motor insurance laws in Mexico, the automotive insurance sector is very reliant on the recovery of stolen vehicles. As an example, figures disclose more than 150,000 vehicles were stolen in Mexico during 2015. The partnership between Scope Technologies and Troncalnet has been in place since 2007, providing vehicle control, monitoring and recovery services, according to the companies.

The partnership already has deals in place with AFA, an automotive self-financing company in the north of the country, as well as Famsa Credito Automotriz, a division of consumer credit group Famsa. The partnerships will further add to their business proposition for consumers buying a car, as financed vehicles will contain a Troncalnet GPS system — ensuring customers’ cars are securely monitored and can be recovered easily if stolen, according to the companies.

The agreement with CARSSA, who work with major organisations such as Movistar, Grainger, and BBVA will specialise in tracking the delivery of documents and parcel couriers, statements and corporate business security bags. Troncalnet’s web MZone-related logistics software will provide scheduled routes and closely monitor item delivery, according to the companies.

In addition, the companies said they will serve AHMSA, an established steel producer in the country, providing a freight service for the transfer of smelting slag — using state-of-the-art software to manage the number of journeys taken. This will ensure accuracy and increase efficiency for the firm’s fleet management.