Adomani Inc., has entered into an agreement with UQM Technologies, Inc. to become one of the company’s first beta partners to leverage the advanced UQM PowerPhase traction motor and integrated Eaton transmission system for Adomani’s medium- to heavy-duty commercial fleet vehicles.

UQM Technologies is a leading developer and manufacturer of power-dense, high-efficiency electric drivetrain components for commercial and industrial markets. The UQM PowerPhase Drivetrain will allow Adomani to develop electric vehicles to realize increased performance, acceleration, and efficiency, as it uses the Eaton 2-Speed transmission and Pi Innovo Transmission Control Unit to provide greater speed and torque range. The drivetrain allows for better packaging, payload capacity, and lower cost when compared to direct or single-speed designs. In addition to the improved performance and efficiency, the use of this market-tested system will enable Adomani to achieve rapid vehicle deployment in an increasingly competitive market landscape.

Adomani will be using the UQM PowerPhase HD250, a version of the drivetrain specifically designed for heavy-duty drive applications including transit buses and school buses, to convert a series of vehicles for this Beta testing. The PowerPhase HD250 provides peak power of 335 hp at 250kW, and continuous power of 201 hp at 150kW, with peak torque of 664 lbf ft (900 Nm) and continuous torque of 265 lbf ft (360 Nm). The drivetrain has been rated to operate at up to 95% efficiency.

The variable nature of the PowerPhase drivetrain will allow for Adomani to optimize performance and efficiency characteristics by adjusting the “shift points” of the transmission, depending on vehicle load and road conditions, to maintain optimal rpm ranges of the UQM electric propulsion system. This proprietary UQM drivetrain system will make it possible for a smaller electric motor to power larger vehicles, and allow Adomani to offer increased vehicle performance in the areas of gradability, acceleration, range, and efficiency. 

“The key to powertrain development is balancing acceleration, and top speed with an efficient powertrain and optimal battery capacity,” said Jim Reynolds, CEO of Adomani. “This arrangement with UQM will enable us to improve custom and conversion vehicles with the highest possible overall performance and efficiency, allowing us to deliver substantial savings in overall costs and an increase in the vehicle range, which is very important for fleets that currently rely on diesel.”

According to UQM CEO Joseph Mitchell, “With us providing the full drive, we can offer Adomani a fully validated solution that will be more effective from a cost, performance, and timing standpoint. Much of our competition in the commercial vehicle market comes from what people refer to as a ‘direct drive solution’. This is a much larger motor that does not use a transmission and has been the solution of choice for many heavy duty manufacturers due to the lack of a state-of-the-art drivetrain with a transmission. For us to compete head-to-head head with direct drive, and not put the burden on the customer to select and source a transmission, we decided to pursue this strategy to provide the entire system. UQM is excited to work with Adomani to support them in their success and enable them to provide a leading solution to their customers.”

The PowerPhase drivetrain will be incorporated into several upcoming Adomani vehicles, and is part of the company’s continuing mission to bring forward the best electric vehicle technologies that benefit the fleet industry. 

Originally posted on Government Fleet