Photo courtesy of Mazda.

Photo courtesy of Mazda.

In an effort to boost safety recall completion rates, Mazda North American Operations has launched a new online recall information center.

The Mazda Recall Information Center is designed to help customers easily confirm whether their vehicle is affected by a recall. The site also provides a convenient way to schedule an appointment for recall repairs.

The Mazda Recall Information Center, the automaker said, provides customers and dealers with:

  • Up-to-date recall and special service programs (SSP) information
  • A mobile-friendly way to search — by vehicle identification number — for recalls and SSPs applicable to their vehicle
  • Quick access to online repair appointment scheduling
  • A dedicated landing page for each dealer. 

“In addition to the new Recall Information Center, Mazda is aggressively working to train additional service technicians,” said Robert Davis, Mazda’s senior vice president of U.S. operations. “We have created online classes and virtual classrooms to further train our outstanding technicians to help speed the repair time and enhance the customer’s experience when they bring in their vehicle."