Photo courtesy of AT&T Partner Exchange.

Photo courtesy of AT&T Partner Exchange.

AT&T is rolling out a GPS-based fleet, asset and mobile workforce solution designed to help commercial fleets and other business customers track and manage vehicles, high-value assets, and mobile workers, AT&T announced.

AT&T will offer AT&T Fleet Complete through its Partner Exchange platform in a partnership with Toronto-based Fleet Complete, a Canadian telematics vendor.

"With AT&T Fleet Complete, solution providers can tap into new ways to address real business issues for their customers, such as improving fleet utilization, reducing fuel costs, increasing productivity and maintaining compliance," said Sue Galvanek, vice president of marketing, pricing and product solutions for AT&T Partner Exchange.

AT&T Fleet Complete is a prepackaged solution offering five options for customers, including fleet tracking, asset tracking, hours of service, dispatch, and resource tracking.

The Fleet Tracker provides near real-time fleet and vehicle diagnostic data to help businesses reduce fuel, insurance, maintenance and other related costs. It can also help reduce their carbon footprint.

The Asset Tracker manages high-value assets and includes a rechargeable battery-based hardware.

The Hours of Service product automates a driver's logbook, helping with FMCSA compliance. The Dispatch offering tracks and helps manage mobile workers. When paired with AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk, it offers improved dispatch communication.

The Resource Tracker helps keep track of a business' workforce through a cloud-based app. The mobile solution lets dispatchers send activities to mobile workers based on geographical position and workload, which can save time and money.

"We trialed AT&T Fleet Complete earlier this year and couldn't be more excited to have access to this solution," said Douglas Riewski, VP of Business Development, Pavo Communications. "Using it with AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk is a homerun for our business. This is the type of innovation we look to AT&T Partner Exchange to deliver to help us keep our customers happy and maintain our edge."

AT&T Fleet Complete is just one of several program additions that AT&T Partner Exchange has recently made to help accelerate solution providers' success with mobility. AT&T also offers its AT&T Fleet Manager solution to government fleets in a partnership with BSM Technologies' Webtech Wireless unit.