Hydrogenics, a developer and manufacturer of hydrogen technology and hydrogen fuel-cell power modules, announced it is the first customer in Belgium to take ownership of the Toyota Mirai fuel-cell sedan.

The electricity that powers the Mirai is created in the fuel cell stack where oxygen reacts with the hydrogen from the tank leaving no tailpipe emissions other than water vapour.

"We are now actively preparing the hydrogen refueling infrastructure to ensure people can easily refuel their hydrogen cars in Belgium and all across Europe,” said Filip Smeets, managing director of Hydrogenics Belgium. “We aim to inspire others to also take actions to help mitigate the impact of climate change.”

The Flemish government will support the development of 20 public hydrogen refueling stations in Flanders, Belgium, by 2020. This will provide a hydrogen refueling station to everyone in Flanders within a 15 mile radius. Like battery-electric cars, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are exempt from registration fees and traffic tax in Flanders.

The Mirai is the product of Toyota’s development in auto in automotive hydrogen fuel cell technology. The vehicle has a driving range of up to 341 miles that can be refueled in three to five minutes. Toyota started commercializing the Mirai in 2015 and has delivered cars in Japan, California, Germany, UK and Denmark.

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