UPS Brazil said it has obtained an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification from Brazil’s Tax Authority, Secretaria da Receita Federal. The AEO certification allows UPS to offer its customers faster transit through customs, providing them value that can make them more competitive.

The AEO certificate is granted to trusted companies that adhere with high safety and supply chain security standards in global trade. UPS customers will benefit from faster customs procedures by simplifying documentation procedures and physical controls in export operations, getting guarantee waiver for transit, as well as immediate parameterization, according to the company.

The World Customs Organization (WCO) developed the AEO certification program to secure the international trade flow. Companies that demonstrate a high degree of security guarantees and engage in best practices will be identified as AEOs. AEO certification benefits customs brokers, traders, manufacturers, importers, exporters, carriers by customs to importers, agents, consolidators, ports, airports, terminals, shipping lines, and any party involved in the international movement of goods. The AEO certification program has a global reach and 73 countries currently adhere to it, according to UPS.