Photo courtesy of VNG.

Photo courtesy of VNG. LLC recognized its 2015 achievements that included opening natural gas fueling stations in three new markets, more than 99% uptime, and regulatory gains that support natural gas vehicles.

VNG expanded its operating footprint with CNG fueling facility openings in Dallas, Houston and Milwaukee. The markets and locations were selected based on the fueling and productivity needs of fleet customers which serve as a basis for building networks of CNG fueling facilities for light duty vehicles in major markets. VNG fueling operations are co-located within major branded gasoline stations providing drivers with a familiar retail fueling experience with full-service convenience stores and around-the-clock fueling.

VNG also achieved station uptime of more than 99% by implementing initiatives such as around-the-clock remote equipment monitoring, camera surveillance, a call center solution, and in-the-field technical support.

The company also made progress with public policy initiatives that support the light duty natural gas vehicle (NGV) market. Natural gas produces 25% less greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline and up to 90% less with the use of renewable natural gas (biogas).

As follow-up to the company's previously successful efforts that secured greater inclusion of NGVs in the EPA regulations in 2015, the company supported portions of federal legislation which are even more favorable for the NGV market. Those benefits became part of "The Alternative Fuel Vehicle Development Act," and the "Regulatory Parity for NGVs" amendment in the recently passed Highway Bill.