Photo of 2017 S90 courtesy of Volvo.

Photo of 2017 S90 courtesy of Volvo.

Volvo's S90 luxury sedan will replace the S80 at the automaker's flagship sedan when it arrives for the 2017 model year with an advanced semi-autonomous driving feature known as Pilot Assist, the automaker has announced.

The S90 will be offered in at least two powertrains, including a four-cylinder gasoline engine and a T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid.

Pilot Assist gives gentle steering inputs to keep the car aligned within lane markings at speeds of around 130 kilometers per hour (80 mph). The system no longer needs to follow another car as with current adaptive cruise control technology.

The S90 adds large animal detection to its City Safety system that's capable of detecting large animals such as elk, horses or moose. The system, which is fully functional at night, offers an intuitive warning and brake support to help avoid a collision.