Image via ALK

Image via ALK

ALK Technologies has added new map overlays to its ALK Maps mapping platform that provide visual information for better route planning and data insight.

ALK Maps' new visualization overlays include Traffic Incidents, Drive Time Polygons, Elevation Routing and Boundary Polygons. Each feature is designed to improve route planning and strategic decision-making through visual, actionable data.

The Traffic Incidents overlay allows users to view traffic occurrences, including accidents, roadwork and weather-related events, identified by an icon on the map. The overlay provides a visual indicator of incidents that could impact or delay current or future routes, allowing users to better plan routes with more accurate ETAs and re-route affected drivers.

Drive Time Polygons display polygon boundaries showing how far a driver can travel within an indicated length of time from a specified origin or location.  The boundaries can be extended to a maximum of 120 minutes from a specific point and are designed to provide data so companies can more efficiently complete jobs in a day or locate truck stops and maintenance facilities in a specific area.

Elevation Routing is a feature designed to ensure pressure-sensitive goods are delivered safely by avoiding roads above elevations that could damage cargo. Fewer gradient road changes can also improve fuel efficiency as well as reduce emissions, according to ALK.

Lastly, the Boundary Polygons overlay highlights U.S. state and Canadian provincial boundaries as well as U.S. county and zip code boundaries, allowing users to analyze regional data or view assets in localized groupings.

“ALK Maps continues to expand its product offerings to meet customer demand for map visualization across all industries,” said Rishi Mehra, director of web products at ALK Technologies. “By transforming operational data from numbers to visual, actionable intelligence, ALK Maps can enable businesses to improve their efficiency, productivity and decision making.”

Originally posted on Trucking Info