UD Trucks Corp. completed the UD Trucks Extra Mile Challenge 2015 final which took place on November 9 at the new UD Experience Center and the adjacent test course at Japan headquarters in Ageo. UD Trucks’ customers from South Africa, Australia, and Japan participated in the event as contestants.

The South Africa, Australia, and Japan teams competed in a series of truck industry challenges for the Extra Mile Challenge. The competition consisted of three parts: (1) Pre-Drive Inspection, (2) Driving Skill, and (3) Pick-up & Delivery. Each was judged according to the following criteria: revenue, fuel efficiency, uptime and maintenance cost, and safety driving. The day culminated with a special award ceremony and the competition results announcement. The South Africa team won “Best Fuel Consumption” while the Australia team won “Best Pre-Drive Inspection” with Japan being awarded “Best Driving Skill.” The overall winner was the Australia team.

Based on the brand promise “Going the Extra Mile,” the UD Trucks Extra Mile Challenge is a competition to demonstrate how customers can make the most out of UD products and services by improving fuel efficiency, uptime, and driver skill. Teams of drivers and fleet managers compete in pairs to show their ability to “go the extra mile.” The competition simulates a transport delivery cycle, and the winner is the team with the highest profit in a transport calculation, according to the company.