AlertDriving, a global provider of driver risk management, has announced a new partnership in Australia that will extend its solutions to smaller fleets across the country. The company is partnering with XDrive, which has developed the TAD driver education system, which is designed to help drivers adapt and adjust quickly in unpredictable and chaotic environments.

XDrive said its TAD system emphasizes mental preparedness in the myriad risks drivers face — both within a driver’s control, and beyond it — with an extensive curriculum of hands-on, practical safer driving courses. XDrive can also customize programs to meet specific business needs, including programs which, using AlertDriving’s FleetDefense solution, can apply specific metrics to track progress through consistent, behavior-based testing.

“Training the way the brain learns best, FleetDefense tests early, often, and on specific road risks — using the best scientific research available — to give fleets very detailed, deep-dive metrics about a driver’s skills, competency, and risk perceptions,” explained Rob Martin, vice president of Sales at AlertDriving. “And since FleetDefense hosts on a completely web-based, LMS-interoperable platform, XDrive can shape personalized programs around violations and accidents to target the causes.”

Armed with FleetDefense, XDrive — under its new XDrive Fleet e-training banner — will have an enterprise-class tool to launch targeted driver safety improvement programs in Australia, Africa, and anywhere else in-between, according to the companies.