Illustration by Armie Bautista.

Illustration by Armie Bautista.

In the coming weeks Automotive Fleet will send its annual Fleet 300 Survey to fleet managers and fleet professionals throughout the industry.

The results of AF’s Fleet 300 Survey are used to create the annual listing of the top 300 commercial fleets by size in the country. The list is published annually in a special edition of Automotive Fleet.

This is your fleet’s chance to stand up, be counted, and show the scope of your fleet’s operation on an at-a-glance, national comparison.

The listing demonstrates top fleets’ scope and impact on their industries as a whole — an important benchmark when measuring and reporting the fleet’s value and impact compared to similar-size fleets to senior management and other fleet stakeholders during key review times.

The short, online survey will ask about your fleet’s approximate vehicle counts in and out of the U.S. (if applicable), the approximate number of vehicles by type (e.g., cars, Class 1-2 trucks, SUVs, etc.), alt-fuel vehicles in the fleet, OEM breakdown, etc.

Stay tuned for future news about the Fleet 300 survey, and don’t miss out on your opportunity to see where you stand.